Say Goodbye To Excessive Bleeding, Menstrual Disorder, Hormonal Imbalance, Cramps And Other life-threatening Symptoms Caused By Fibroids In A Matter of Days!



Your Permanent and Natural Solution to…

  • Excessive Bleeding

    Reduce blood clotting and control excessive menstrual bleeding

  • Oestrogen Imbalance

    Naturally balance the oestrogen hormone to control fibroid growth

  • Eliminate Fibroid

    Shrink and prevent further growth of uterine fibroids naturally

  • Irregular Period

    Regulate the menstrual cycle and balance hormones

  • Assist the body in replenishing nutrients lost due to heavy menstruation

  • Keep the tissues that surround the reproductive organs healthy

  • Reduce fluid retention, bloating and inflammation

  • Strengthen the immune system and keep the uterus free of infection

Real-life Testimonies

90mm X 74mm Fibroid Gone In Less Than One Month

[Scan 1: 90mm X 74mm Fibroid Before Taking The Herbal Formula]

[Scan 2: No More Fibroid After Taking The Herbal Formula]

Another Testimony – She Got Pregnant While Taking The Herbal Formula

Below is the message sent by one of the women that got pregnant while taking the products.

For several years, she’s been suffering from fibroid and infertility and she has spent a lot of money trying different therapies with not result. She eventually tried our products with faith and got a good result.

See the message she sent to us below;

You will see many more verifiable testimonies like the ones above in the course of reading this write-up. No matter the type, quantity or size of the fibroids you are battling with, you too can have your testimony very soon if you embrace what we are about to share with you today.

The following are the basic information you need to know about fibroid; 


Uterine fibroids are benign tumour: which grows from muscle layers of the womb. They cause symptoms in 50% of black women and 25% of white women. Fibroid is one of the greatest health problems that affect women. It affects over 70% of women and it is one of the causes of female infertility. Uterine fibroids are growths in or around the uterus. They are completely benign and while they can actually have some unpleasant side effects, they are not cancerous.


  • Intramural fibroid – which grows on or inside the wall of the uterus.
  • Subserosal fibroid – which grows outside of the uterine wall
  • Submucosal fibroid – which grows inside the uterus or womb.
  • Pedunculated fibroid – which grows on stalks.

Uterine fibroids can be small and inconspicuous, about the size of a walnut or they can be large up to the size of a grape fruit or a melon. Alternatively, women can have multiple uterine fibroids of varying sizes and densities. Usually, when there is one uterine fibroid present, there are actually more fibroids that will be not be noticed. Uterine fibroids start as small seedlings, so tiny you’d need the aid of a microscope to see them. They can then spread throughout the uterus’ muscular wall structure.


Uterine fibroids symptoms depend on the size, number, location and pathological findings. Important symptoms include but not limited to the following;

  • Abnormal bleeding And Abdominal Discomfort
  • Heavy or painful periods
  • Excessive length of menstruation
  • Lower back pain
  • A sensation of fullness or pressure in the abdominal area
  • Interference with other organs and nerves due to their large sizes pressing on them
  • Urinary frequency or retention, back ache, and in some cases infertility


Pain may be experienced during sexual intercourse depending on the location of the fibroids. Fibroids may also be the cause of the following during pregnancy –

  • Miscarriage
  • Painful sexual intercourse
  • Premature labour
  • interference with position of foetus

Furthermore, fibroid causes broken marriage, loss of job, tiredness, leanness due to shortage of blood and sadness.


If you have uterine fibroids or suspect you might have fibroids, one of the things you will be wondering is ‘’why me?” This is a very important question, and one that plagues many women who suffer from fibroids. The simple answer to why women get fibroids is that there is no absolute cause or none that can be directly pinpointed. What medical researchers and physicians do know is that uterine fibroids are greatly affected by changing oestrogen (hormone) levels, which play a part in the fibroid tumour development and growth. Other causes of fibroids can be genetic, hormonal, environmental or some combination of all of these. In fact, Doctors are sure that these risk factors, and potentially causal agents, all interact with each other to increase the likelihood of uterine fibroid development in a woman.


  • Increased lifetime exposure to oestrogen. This is due to early menarche, fewer pregnancies, increased follicular phase and/or obesity. Body fat produces and stores oestrogen.
  • Exposure to xenoestrogens such as plastics, pesticides, herbicides, synthetic hormones in both meat and dairy products, or hormone replacement therapy.
  • Poor oestrogen metabolism. Some women’s bodies have a harder time removing and metabolizing excess oestrogen.
  • Hypertension
  • Infection complications from IUD use
  • Anovulatory cycles
  • Endometrial hyperplasia (common in women with PCOS)


When a woman’s oestrogen level increases, for example during pregnancy, fibroid tends to grow at a more rapid pace. Taking contraceptive pills (birth control) also floods the body with oestrogen. Women taking contraceptive pills, therefore, have higher levels of oestrogen and are more likely to develop fibroids. When women are in menopause and level of oestrogen naturally decreases, fibroids also decrease, shrink or disappear. Basically, it all ties into oestrogen, which elevates a woman’s risk for developing uterine fibroids.


Uterine fibroids are thought to be the cause of infertility in 2%-10% of Female infertility cases. Reports have shown uterine fibroids may be responsible for the following fertility, conception and pregnancy problems:

  • Interference with implantation of the ovum
  • May compress the fallopian tubes, preventing conception
  • Cause anovulatory cycles
  • Cause abnormal uterine blood flow, hindering movement of sperm to ova
  • Cause miscarriage
  • May cause intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR)
  • May cause premature rupture of the membranes
  • Contribute to retained placenta after birth
  • Cause postpartum haemorrhage
  • Cause abnormal labour

Although, not all women with uterine fibroids will experience these kinds of troubles and many go on to have healthy pregnancies even with uterine fibroids present. Because there are risks to your fertility and possibly pregnancy, it is best to work to reduce fibroid growth, prevent formation of new fibroids and to maintain healthy lifestyle choices to continue working to bring about the best possible uterine health and that’s exactly what you are about to learn right now.

See real life examples of how fibroids affect fertility and pregnancy below;

Here is another one;

Below is yet another one;


In many cases, the effects of uterine fibroids are so minor that many women use a general over-the-counter pain medicine to treat any cramping or pain associated with the fibroid tumours.

Since the tumours can also cause excessive menstrual bleeding which can lead to anaemia, an iron supplement is recommended if excessive bleeding is occurring.

Treating Fibroid By Surgery

Done fibroid surgery 4 times and still battling with fibroid now…

Here is another one;

“Please i have been operated on fibroid before, and now doctor has confirmed it again that i still have fibroid in my stomach, what do i do because i don’t want to go for operation again”


Another newer procedure that is being used for treating uterine fibroids is uterine fibroid embolization. This method of treatment has proven effective at shrinking fibroids or destroying them completely, however it is not without side effects. This treatment should not be used by those women that are wanting to become pregnant, since it is known to throw the body into early menopause and can even cause infertility.


Introducing FibClear Herbal Formula that is guaranteed to remove fibroids of any type, number or size in a matter of weeks naturally without surgery.

Below Are The 3 Important Factors That Make the FibClear Herbal Formula  So Unique and Different From Other Products/Therapies You Might Have Used or Come Across;

  • It Treats Uterine Fibroids Naturally Without Surgery/Negative Side Effects

    FiBClear is a 100% natural, safe, and potent Herbal Blend that permanently eliminates the ROOT cause of your uterine fibroids as well as the life-threatening symptoms such as excessive bleeding, bloating, pains and so on.

  • It Eliminates Uterine Fibroids Permanently

    A larger percentage of women who use conventional treatments get rid of their uterine fibroids temporarily and sometimes they end up worse than when they started. With our FibClear Herbal Formula, you will be among the successful group of women that keep fibroid off forever in their lives by abiding with the lessons about diet contained in our diet ebook which is part of the deliverables if you order for FibClear today. Stop wasting your hard-earned money by taking treatment approaches and products that only address the symptoms of Uterine Fibroids and work short-term only.

  • It Treats Uterine Fibroids Holistically

    This is something we have realised over time in dealing with numerous women that are suffering from uterine fibroids. Curing Uterine Fibroids can never be achieved by tackling one of the many factors responsible for the growth. If you’ve ever tried to treat your Uterine Fibroids using a one-dimensional treatment like birth control pills, progesterone creams or even detox diets and failed, it’s probably because you have tackled only one aspect of the disease. This is a major way a lot of women lose money in the name of finding solution to fibroids and this has made them to lose trust in trying anything else again.

    With the effect of FibClear in your system and the diet and lifestyle changes you will make as explained in the ebook, be rest assured that your fibroids will be holistically taken care of.


FibClear is a combination of proven and highly effective natural herbs, fruits and vegetables  that have been confirmed by Natural Therapists and which we have also confirmed and also improved on in our course of handling uterine fibroids cases over time.

  • Detoxification/Fertility Cleansing

    The first step in moving towards achieving good health generally is by refreshing the body organs, especially organs like the liver which mainly carry out the detoxification process. When the liver overworks, it gives some toxins the opportunity to accumulate in the body which could be harmful. The 100% natural detoxification ingredients in FibClear will help you get rid of all unwanted toxic waste lodging in your blood and body. Your reproductive organs will come back to live. You will also get rid of excess oestrogen which fuels fibroid growth with this.

  • Reduction in Fibroid

    With each dosage of the FibClear you take, there will be reduction in Fibroid size till you achieve total elimination. It could be so physical to the extent that you will see it dropping out from your vaginal piece by piece without embarrassing you. This is the best way to treat fibroid as this ensures that Fibroid never regrows again. See the images shown below for example. That’s what came out from some women that have been battling with uterine fibroids and infertility for years. They have spent a lot of money before coming across this product.

  • Immune Boosting

    Naturally, the body should be able to fight back on its own in case of infection or disease. When it’s not able to do so, it means it has been overworked or it’s lacking necessary ingredients it needs to carry out its function. The are natural ingredients in the FibClear Herbal Formula that will help you reawaken your infection-fighting white blood cells that have the capacity to fight against all forms of infections and foreign bodies within your body and reproductive system. This is why it will be difficult for fibroid to still remain in you with FibClear.

  • Anti-tumour, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal And Anti-Viral

    Several kinds of tumour growths are now rampant and becoming more dangerous to health as well as infections. FibClear contains natural ingredients that will inhibit tumour growth in your system and help you get rid of all forms of bacterial, fungal or viral infections in your body.

  • Menstrual Regulation

    FibClear will help you regulate your irregular menses caused by uterine fibroid. If you also do have heavy bleeding and menstrual cramps due to uterine fibroids, say good bye to them. With menstrual irregularity, getting pregnant is always difficult. This is why some fibroid patients do also suffer infertility. FibClear will help regulate your menses and reduce abnormal bleeding and menstrual cramps.

  • Hormone Balancing and Fertility Boosting

    One of the main causes of uterine fibroids is hormone imbalance. FibClear will help you take care of the reproductive hormones to balance. This makes it natural for fibroid to give way and dissolve on its own. This is also the reason why it will be impossible for fibroid to regrow as the conditions will not be favourable for it to grow again. When your hormones balance, your fertility will also automatically improve and conception can take place. This is achievable with FibClear.

  • Fibroid Elimination

    This is the final and the most important step of all. This is the point where you start feeling the effect of the product. This is where you start getting rid of fibroids and you will notice the changes.  FibClear goes to the source of the problem, helping to reduce excess oestrogen that fuels abnormal fibroid growths and stimulate liver activity for improved oestrogen metabolism. It works with your body’s natural detoxification processes to clear congested foreign tissues, while simultaneously helping to prevent new fibroid growths from forming. This is an excellent way to promote the health and function of uterine tissues.

    FibClear is an excellent way to promote health and function of uterine tissues without any reported negative side effect so far. The congested fibroid tissues will be eliminated and you will notice it…see examples below;

The above is what came out from one of our clients that has been battling with uterine fibroids and infertility for years. She has spent a lot of money before coming across our products.

The above is what came out from one of the women undergoing fibroid treatment with FibClear. This came out from her and she started feeling better after being down with fibroid for a long time.


Is that all? NO!

If you get your own FibClear today, we will deliver even more than what you have seen so far to you…just read on.

As part of the steps we take in helping women get rid of uterine fibroid naturally and permanently, we have put together a 99-page e-book titled –


This e-book contains important information on diet, drinks, recipes, herbs, fruits, vegetables and co that women with fibroids should embrace to get rid of uterine fibroids naturally as well as those they should avoid.

See just little of the content of the ebook;

  • Foods And Drinks To Embrace When You Are On Fibroid Treatment
  • Foods To Avoid When You Are On Fibroid Treatment
  • Which Food Group To Throw Out Of Your Home Immediately – These Are Food Items That Lack Fibre, Cause Constipation And Increase Toxicity Which Prevent Your Fibroids From Shrinking And Also Inhibit Fibroid Treatment From Working For You
  • Vegetable Groups That Contain Vital Trace Minerals To Eliminate Fibroids
  • Soybeans For Fibroids: Good Or Bad? – The Scientific Evidence Behind Soy’s Role In Promoting Or Inhibiting The Growth Of Oestrogen-Dependent Fibroid Tumours
  • Home-Made Detoxification Recipes For Fibroid Patients – 5 Steps To Get Rid Of Fibroid
  • 9 Common Food And Environmental Toxins All Women Take That Feed And Increase Fibroids In Size
  • Environmental Toxins That Make Fibroids Grow Bigger And How To Avoid Them
  • Foods That Help Control Oestrogen Levels In The Body
  • Foods To Avoid To Reduce High Oestrogen Level
  • Effects Of Acidic And Alkaline Foods On Fibroids
  • Alkaline And Acid Food Chart
  • 7 Home Remedies To Stop Fibroid Regrowth After Surgery Or Treatment
  • Plant-Based Compounds You Can Take To Inhibit Fibroid Growth And Regulate Your Hormone Balance
  • Special Fibroid Shrinking Soup Recipe
  • Juicing For Fibroids – How To Shrink Fibroids With Juice
  • Different Juice Recipes To Shrink Fibroids And Improve Fertility
  • Benefits Of Juicing For Fibroids/Fertility
  • How To Make A Juice At Home
  • Tips For Juicing As A Natural Treatment For Uterine Fibroids
  • Foods That Cause Hormone Imbalance – Especially Oestrogen

What People Are Saying About Our Fibroid Remedy E-Book

With this ebook alone, you will say goodbye to recurrence of fibroid growth and this is part of the deliverables if you order for  FibClear today

Important Notice – Kindly note that this is an e-book. It is not a physical book. It will be sent only to you via email or whatsapp and you will download it on your phone or laptop or any other gadget for reading. You can as well decide to print it out on your own if you want it in a physical form.

Here are more real time testimonies and feedbacks about our products

  1. After battling with fibroids and infertility for several years, she got pregnant after treating her fibroids with our products…

Another Testimony: She got pregnant less than a month using FibClear to treat her fibroids

Scan result shows multiple fibroids before treatment

Feedback via whatsapp confirms pregnancy

Another Testimony;

With scan result before and after taking our products After carrying out surgery twice and trying several fibroid treatments and products without result in more than 10 years of marriage, 13 fibroids reduced to just 4 in less then 4 months of treatment with our FibClear…See the attached scan reports for confirmation

Scan 1: 13 Fibroids Before Our Treatment

[Scan 2: Remaining Just 4 Small Fibroids After The First Phase Of Treatment]

Another Testimony

[Scan 1: Fibroid Confirmed  Before Taking Our Products]

[Scan 2: No More Fibroid After Taking Our Products]

And That’s Still Not All, We Have ONE More For You!


Guifei Bao (also known as Qinggong Pill or Princess Pearl)

Since 2013, we have been using Guifei Bao to treat different types of fibroid and fertility-related issues in women. This product has proven to be highly effective and reliable when it comes to eliminating fibroid without surgery and so far, we have not recorded any negative side effect. 

Qinggong Pill (Guifei Bao) was made according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory. We apply Targeting Treatment by putting the pill directly into the vagina to;

  • Regulate Yin and Yang to balance
  • Dredge Governor vessel and Conception vessel
  • Replenish Qi and blood to clear heat
  • Detoxify
  • Promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis
  • Eliminate the waste and toxin in the body
  • Purify blood and remove heat from blood
  • Regenerate cells
  • Remove necrosis and
  • Promote granulation
  • Improve fertility in women

See feedback about Guifei Bao…

Aside treating fibroid in this woman, Guife Bao also helped her to stop her candida infection which she has been treating for years but keeps reoccurring

Below is another one;

Pelvic pain, menstrual cramp and bloating gone with the use of Guifei Bao

Get your one month supply of FibClear today and have 2 (smaller) packs of Guifei Bao for FREE.

More Testimonies with scan reports before and after

[Scan 1: 4 Big Fibroid Confirmed Before Taking Our Treatment]

[Scan 2: Remaining Just 1 Small Fibroid After The First Phase Of Treatment]

Another Testimony

[Scan 1: 10 Big Fibroid masses with Fatty Liver (Hepatic Steatosis) and Hydronephrosis Confirmed Before Taking Our Treatment]

[Scan 2: No More Fatty Liver, No More Hydronephrosis and 4 big Fibroids Gone in 2 months]


For a limited time only, we are giving away 2 Bonuses (Guifei Bao and Ebook on Diet to eliminate fibroid) if you order for 2 bottles (one month supply) of FibClear today!

The value of the ebook alone is N8,500 (you can visit, the direct sales page for the ebook, to confirm this).

With the Ebook and the Guifei Bao, you are already enjoying a bonus of over N15,000 and you don’t want to miss out on that!


One Month Supply of FibClear comprises of 2 bottles of FibClear with your Bonuses comprising of 2 smaller packs of Guifei Bao and the Fibroid Diet Ebook.



This is a limited-time offer only! So, if you are serious about getting rid of your fibroids naturally and quickly, hurry now and get yours while the offer is still on with just;

N35,000 for 1 month package

N62,500 for 2 months package

N90,000 for 3 months package


  1. Choose the package you want (either 1 month, 2 months or 3 months)
  2. Make payment for your package either by Online Transfer or Bank Deposit using any of the company’s account details provided below.
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  • International Delivery

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Here are some of our delivery partners;

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We have never failed to deliver when we receive payment.  No matter where you are in the world, your package will get to you within the stipulated time, you can see proofs below.

We know there are a lot of fraudulent activities going on online, we are not one of them. 

For over 4 years, we have always delivered packages and other promises we make and we are still very much around. Your health is important to us as well as our own growth too.

Frequently Asked Question

  • q-iconDo your products work for any type of fibroid?

    Yes. No matter the type of the fibroid you have, our products will take care of it as you can see in the scan results and the testimonies shared above. Several women with different types and sizes of fibroids have benefited from our products.

  • q-iconMy fibroids are very big and numerous, will this work for me?

    Yes, it will work for you.

  • q-iconHow do I know if the treatment is working?

    Signs to know if the treatment is working for you while you are still on it varies from one person to another. To some people, the heavy bleeding they have always been having will start subsiding. To some others, their tummy will start going down. To some people, their menstrual cramps will disappear. These are easy signs but it’s not every fibroid patient that has these symptoms.

    However, the best way to know if the treatment has worked for you or not is by going for a scan after the entire treatment.

  • q-iconHow will this treatment affect my fertility and reproductive system in general?

    The treatment does not affect your fertility in any negative way. Rather, it helps to improve your fertility. We have had cases of women that got pregnant while on the treatment and they were able to deliver successfully. So, the treatment we offer doesn’t have any negative side effect on your fertility and general health.

  • q-iconCan I conceive while on the treatment?

    Yes, if you satisfy other conditions for pregnancy. As said earlier, we have some of our clients that this has happened to.

  • q-iconWhat are the likely side effects of the treatment?

    Over the period of time we have been offering this treatment to a lot of women in Nigeria and beyond, we are yet to record any adverse or negative side effect on anyone.

  • q-iconHow do I contact you?

    Telephone  – +2348099666650 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday)

    Whatsapp – +2348099666650 (9am-8pm daily)

    Email – (24/7)



  • q-iconHow do you monitor those who take your treatments

    Our feedback channels are open 24/7 from our telephone lines, to our WhatsApp chat and email. Fell free to contact us.


  • q-iconI have a question that has not been answered here. How do I contact you to get an answer to my question?

    The comment box below is exactly for this purpose. A lot of people have asked several questions and we have provided satisfactory answers.  Meanwhile, if you think you still have a question that we have not answered, then send an email to right now to have your questions answered concerning the Fibroid Remedy Kit.

  • q-iconHow do I use FibClear

    FibClear is very easy to use. It’s just 2 capsules in the morning and 2 at night with warm water.

  • q-iconWhat guarantees do I get?

    You can purchase FibClear with confidence, knowing fully well  that you are getting a good value for your money.